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career counsellingWhen it comes to students choosing a viable career option, no one waits till they have passed out of high school. For those who are really interested in making the mark, the preparations start from the middle school itself and it might be a little overwhelming for some to choose what is best for them. While some want to follow their grades, there are those who want to follow their hearts and as education consultants, SREC believes that there should be no compromise at any end. Hence, we conduct extensive career counseling sessions where students who aspire to make it big might find the rights answers to their queries. We help the students understand their true potentials and get them access to the universities and colleges abroad where their skills might be further nurtured and honed. Most of the time, students who are interested in getting a management degree or a medical degree from a foreign university do so because of the high career prospects and in most cases, they go on to become successful in their respective fields, establishing themselves in a very short span of time. Our counselors are not just interested in the grades, but are also mindful about accommodating the student’s own likes and desires, and finding them an institution where they would grow as an individual as well as a professional. SREC has already of thousands of students realize their potential and they are more confident now than they were ever before, taking bold stripes in their career.

Selecting the right university for one’s education is perhaps the most crucial step that one might take because one’s education can literally make or break one’s career. A university might have the best of staff and faculty, but it might not be suitable for a particular students whose interests lie somewhere else. To choose the right university, it is essential to look beyond the general information that is widely available and delve deeper into the courses offered and the future after its completion. SREC has been helping students select the right university for quite some time now and those who have enrolled with our help have found the brightest of places in their institutions. We make the students acquainted with all the nuances so that they can make an informed decision about where they want to study, and that includes information not only about the education, but also about the general ambience, hostel facilities, admission procedures and interviews, tuition fees, library and other facilities as well, those that make a student feel really at home. Once all these criteria matches, there is no stopping a bright young student from going out and achieving their dreams and SREC has made that possible with quite a few of them. Students have graduated from their respective universities with flying colors and landed top- notch jobs placements. At present, we are India’s top education counseling firms for those interested in studying abroad and we would only increase our horizons from here.

As any person traveling abroad will tell you, the biggest impediment on such occasions is getting a visa. There have been innumerable occasions where in spite of making all the arrangements, a student could not enroll in a university of his choice abroad, because he or she was denied a visa. With most countries constraining their visa approvals more and more, getting a student visa now is more of a challenge than ever before. What one needs of such occasions is specialized guidance so that the person interviewing the student for his visa is impressed enough to grant him one. For those who have been doing it for the first time, this can be a bit overwhelming as the person interviewing the student might have his own set of ideals as well. Whatever the case may be, SREC guides the students about all the aspects of acquiring a student Visa. In fact, there are times when parents too want to accompany the students on their first trip abroad and we often help them out as well. All the students who have applied for their Visa through SREC manage to get their application approved. It can be a challenging task to keep oneself updated about the constantly changing foreign education plans by most countries, because of which the Visa applications too are revised quite often. By applying for a Visa through the student can also save up on his money as opposed to paying agents outside who often charge a lot more than expected.

When a student first starts applying to foreign colleges and universities, one of the first hurdles to be faced by them is the admission procedures. Those applying from India might find this process a bit daunting because marks and grades, though comprising much of the procedure, do not incorporate all of it. There are rounds of interviews to be tackled, and the nature of questions might differ from country to country or college to college. There might be separate admission examinations in some cases and in addition to clearing all the college examinations, one need to clear those as well to secure a seat in the highly competitive environment. SREC counselors can assist the students extensively in this regard. Once the counselors are done guiding the students, there are extremely high chances that the student would get enrolled in one of the top three colleges of his preferences. Counselors who have firsthand experience in visiting these colleges can also talk to aspiring students about a lot of nuances about which a student might be completely unaware. By the time he or she is ready to take on the admission procedure, instead of the unsure kid stepping out into the unknown world, there is a confident young adult who knows what he wants from life. SREC has a very systematic approach while counseling students on their admission procedures and it is this that sets them apart from any other educational consultants, making it one of the highest credited firms in the country.
Studying abroad brings a great deal of advantages and the career prospects are much brighter of course. However, that happens after the student has completed his education. Before that there is a long drawn process of applying for student loans, chalking out a budget, submitting the initial fees and a lot more. All this takes time and finance management is one thing that does take a lot of careful preparation. No student would want to feel stranded in a foreign country without adequate money. In fact, in spite of being extremely meritorious, some students never pursue their dream of studying abroad simply because they feel they will never be able to gather the funds. It is up to the experts at SREC to ensure that this dream of theirs come true. The experts will help the students gather the necessary loans and also chalk out a plan about when the will be able to pay it off. Those who truly believe in themselves often find they have been picked up by reputed firms right from the campus. Some start paying off their student loans right from their internship days. SREC will also give the students an idea about the general living expenses, accommodation expenses if required, hostel facilities for out station students, scholarships that can be applied for, and a lot more. All of it can add up to a lot of money and it does require some careful planning beforehand, if the student has to lead a stress free life and concentrate on his studies only.
When one goes to study abroad, it automatically entails a lot of traveling that comes with its own share of planning and expenses. The first thing that the student has to come to terms with is the fact that he is leaving home for a considerable amount of time. Traveling stress free is important for the student to settle well into his new life abroad and this is why we help the student throughout the traveling process. We help them sort out which airline would be the best suited from the part of the country he is traveling from, and what would be the most economical as well. We also help the student understand about the connecting flight schedules and other transport requirements once he has reached the city he is traveling to. While traveling abroad, there are a couple of things that have to be kept in mind while clearing the customs and we try to prepare the students as much as we can, briefing them what they can or cannot carry into a particular country. Most of the time, the students are confident enough to take care of themselves, but nevertheless, we still try to make the entire process as smooth as possible for them. SREC experts can also recommend travel agents who can help with all the bookings as well. In the process, all the student is left with is to go and concentrate hard on his studies and SREC simple takes care of everything else that the student might have to encounter in a foreign land.