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Tambov State Medical University was set up in 1843 and situated in city of Tambov, Russia. Tambov State Medical University is rearranged by service of instruction of Russian league. At present around 11,000 understudies are learning at Tambov State University, among them global understudies is from various nations. In Tambov State Medical University nature of Education is of world class, at the Tambov State Medical University personnel is very much qualified and experienced. In Tambov State Medical University different strength programs are offered in single men and it likewise offers post-graduate preparing. MBBS in Tambov State Medical University is getting prevalent these days among Russian and outside understudies because of its exclusive expectation of therapeutic instruction and research. Low MBBS expenses structure draw in the understudy even more in this college.

Study and practice

Tambov State University follows classical education traditions and strives to
produce well-rounded, qualified and competitive professionals according to national
educational standards and requirements of the labor market.
Innovative forms of studies are implemented on a large scale and students have the
opportunity to work on various projects in Medicine, IT and social spheres in 14
small enterprises working within the framework of TSU.

The University’s scientific infrastructure includes 4 research institutions, 42 research
schools which are recognized in Russian and international academic community,
more than 75 scientific centers and labs in the fields of science, humanities and
social science. TSU center “Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials” serves as a
ground for scientific and experimental work of TSU professors and students.
The Derzhavin technological cluster has been working in TSU since 2016 as a
scientific and technological basis for realization of innovative projects. It
consolidates leading research institutions, scientific centers and labs, actors of
industry, incubators and business centers of the University.
An extended Center for shared use of TSU scientific equipment was set up in 2017,
making it possible for regional organizations to use scientific facilities and
innovative equipment of TSU technological cluster.
The relatively new department of Medicine called Center for Simulation and Accreditation,
was inaugurated in October 2017 for the implementation of virtual simulation studies into
medical education
The Center for Simulation and Accreditation is equipped with various phantoms,
training models and machines, virtual simulators and other technical training devices
which permit the accurate modelling of processes, clinical situations and other
issues of medical work. The TSU Center for Simulation and Accreditation is one of
the most advanced centers in Russia, owing to its equipment and organization.
The University’s Library has about 1,5 million books, telecommunication, electronic
and multimedia equipment, copy machines and free internet access.

MBBS fees in Tambov Medical University 2019-20

 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
 Tuition Fee$5300$3800$3800$3800$3800$3800

Why MBBS in Tambov Medical University

Owing to TSU’s established cooperation with foreign partner universities, students
may participate in inclusive exchange programs in universities in China, Luxemburg,
Macedonia, Poland and other countries. A number of exchange programs employ
online learning.

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge is combined with practical activities. Students
of medical institute of Tambov State University have practical classes in modern
clinics and are able to reinforce their knowledge by working on advanced medical
equipment. Students at the faculty of journalism have their own newspaper and
university TV where they may hone and develop their skills.
Students at the faculty of journalism have their own newspaper and university TV
where they may hone and develop their skills.

Students have plenty of opportunities to develop their creative potential. There are
more than 60 active student unions. The musical and dance theaters, brass bands
and orchestras, historical reconstruction club, stand-up comedy competitions are
known well beyond the region. There is also a legal aid bureau where students may
seek professional consultation.
A lot of attention is paid to sports activities: student may participate in various athletics.
There is a physical training facility and a fitness-center on the university premises as well as
a large sports complex “Antei” housing two swimming pools, gyms and playgrounds
The university has an open football field with artificial turf which is transformed into
ice skating rink in winter.
The university has its own high-quality leisure facility for students and professors,
also used for workshops and summer schools.

Tambov State University invests significant effort into seeing that its international
students are well settled in Tambov and offers guidance and support for the same,
from the very first day right up to graduation.

You will receive a Russian State Diploma certifying your degree and qualification.
You may also get an additional document on demand – “European Diploma
Supplement” which enables you to receive foreign credential evaluations in any of
the 47 European and other countries that are party to Bologna Agreement on mutual
recognition of educational documents, to pursue further education or work in any of
these countries.

You will acquire an affordable professional education with best combination of price
and quality.

You will get a quality education in the sphere of your interest in a university that
offers 162 different study programs. Quality is ensured by continuous internal and
external monitoring.

Along with theoretical knowledge you will acquire professional skills during study
practice. Each program is aimed at preparing students to take on their future
professional life.

You will be involved into many of academic, creative and sport activities that help
you to discover and develop your talents.

A favorable climate with warm summers and moderate winters, the charm of the
ancient Russian city where the university is located, meeting new people from
various cities and countries –will make your student life truly exciting.

Comfortable accommodation

Students are accommodated in comfortable university hostels in rooms for 2-3
persons. Every hostel has well equipped kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, study rooms
and Internet access.

Fee Structure

  • Fees
  • $27860
  • Duration
  • 6 Year

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