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The Seven Simple Steps to Study MBBS in USA

Saint Lucia has always enticed visitors with a serene, secure, and breathtaking atmosphere, attracting scholars as well in the process. The island is magnificent as far as local culture is concerned which students would have ample scope to experience and discover on weekends or throughout breaks, adding significantly to the knowledge of the world the inhabit. Traveling to Saint Lucia is hassle-free, with every day direct flights from quite a few cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The general expenditures of living in Saint Lucia are typically a scale down from the rest of the US and it is significantly lower than the vast majority of different islands within the Caribbean. Saint Lucia is located in the West Indies, within the southern Caribbean. A part of the Windward Island chain, this island measures 27 miles long and about 14 miles in breadth. Saint Lucia is a sovereign nation and has a prime Minister heading the government. The island has a populace of about a hundred and sixty thousand, with most inhabiting the capital itself. The capital of Saint Lucia, Castries, is placed on the northern facet of the island and the IAU campus is placed in Vieux fortress, Saint Lucia, quite close to the southern tip of the island nation. Vieux fortress is a quaint little town, free from any distractions and that is what makes it so special to visitors looking for some quality time away from the bustle of urban life.


Temperatures in Saint Lucia are moderate the year round, oscillating between eighty three° and 88° along the coasts. Because of Vieux castle’s area, the blowing wind from the sea maintains a reasonably low humidity compared to other Caribbean islands. The Monsoons lasts from June to November. Hurricanes are additionally a probability, of course, but the possibilities of Saint Lucia getting hit by a massive are considerably diminished considering the fact that the island is bordered by cooler waters of the Atlantic.


Getting an MBBS degree is USA would be like another feather in the cap for meritorious students and here is why:

High Quality Education

The United States is undoubtedly one of the best places to acquire an education for pupils when you consider that it presents them the very best of schooling. The faculties are headed by some of the best minds of the academic world and there is a lot of emphasis on application centered schooling, thus ensuring that the college individuals are active in heading research organizations. There can be nothing better than to seek a direct admission here and one would be glad of the step one took later in life.

Value for Money

An academic degree from the US is perhaps the best investment for any budding professional in view that it is a mark of academic excellence everywhere in the world. The career choices a student is faced with after he has accomplished his degree are far greater, promising very high returns and at the same time ensuring an amazingly triumphant and satisfying profession in the U.S., or anyplace else a student chooses to establish his career.

Flexible curriculum

Universities in US furnish very flexible curriculums and students have the opportunity to select from a multitude of courses and electives in their preferred stream. They can additionally pick to be trained in electives from another stream after an approval has been acquired from the program director, giving every student equal opportunity to pursue their desired field and subject. English is the language officially spoken in Saint Lucia, and then there is the ease of transportation- these two factors making it a top draw among students and their parents alike. Bus, private automobiles or a cab, any option makes it easy to traverse the entire length of the island. Those new to the island can additionally choose to make use of the IAU/SPARTAN Shuttle service which charges low to travel to and from college. The orientation program itself presents a lot of additional information on transportation. Local money in Saint Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), which has a constant exchange cost of EC $2.67 = U.S. $1.00. U.S. Predominant credit cards are generally authorized at most grocery shops and restaurants.
There are a couple of bank branches near the campus. The closest financial institution is Scotia bank which is located directly across the avenue from the campus. Bank of America or Scotia bank account holders can use their ATM cards at Scotia bank ATMs without a service fee. This is the most satisfactory option for banking in Saint Lucia and will decrease the amount of money you ought to bring with you. For those who do not possess a bank account with United States or Scotia bank, an account might be opened even before leaving for the island.


  • Though among all other options, the medical colleges in USA for Indian students looks to be the most expensive medical program. However, in reality studying at the medical college in USA happens to be the best, optimum and the most economical program.
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) permits to get registered without MCI screening Test for those who cleared MBBS in America for Indian students.
  • The doctors earn US$ 3,500 to US$ 5,500 during residency in USA (4 Years) making the total cost of the program as ZERO! Due to the Residency being paid, the entire MBBS in America fee structure is earned back at PG level. This way, MBBS in USA for Indian student’s fees becomes less than Indian costs.
  • There are no capitation fees for PG while in India, it touches more than Rs. 2 Cr or other PG programs are not approved in India. In fact you earn stipend during this period. It is not easily believable fact for an Indian student dreaming to pursue education at top MBBS colleges in USA.
  • The average salary of a licensed doctor in USA is more than US$ 200,000 per year in any of the hospitals.

The MBBS duration in USA is matching with Indian program till PG level.

  • From 23rd April, 2016, the government of India has notified that “NORI” (No obligation to Return to India” certificate will not be issued by them if you choose to pursue MBBS in India and MD in USA. Accordingly, it is better to pursue the program in medical colleges USA, right from the Bachelor level.


Spartan Health & Science Medical University – St.Lucia

International American University – St.Lucia


 First 16 MonthsYear-2Year-3Year-4Year-5Total
StagePre-Medical (4 Trimesters)Basic Science (5 Trimesters)Clinical Rotation (5 Trimesters) 
Tuition Fee11,00,00012,35,0008,25,00013,85,00013,85,00059,30,000
Living Cost incl. Food1,45,0001,45,0001,45,0002,00,0002,00,0008,35,000
Scholarship with PCB 60%4,50,0004,85,0003,25,0000012,60,000
Fees After Scholarship/ Year6,50,0007,50,0005,00,00013,85,00013,85,00046,70,000
  • The amount needs to be paid in 8 installments.
  • Indian food is available at St. Lucia in the first 3 years of studies.
  • 2 years of Green book Clinical rotation is in USA followed by a residency of 4 years in USA.
  • Calculated at 1 US$ = INR 65.00. The exchange rates would have an impact on this costing.
  • Calculated with 3 Trimesters in USA and 2 outside during Clinical rotation. In case of all 5 in USA, extra cost would be US$ 6000.
  • For AC Rooms, you may add Rs. 2750 / month extra electricity charges.
Living Cost1,45,0001,45,0001,45,0002,00,0008,35,000
Air Travel/ Visa1,00,00060,0003,00,00004,60,000
Total Expenses4,50,0004,85,0003,25,000012,60,000
NET SAVINGS6,50,0007,50,0005,00,00013,85,00046,70,000

Basically, you would save during PG much more than what you spent during Bachelor course in USA!

 First 16 MonthsYear-2Year-3Year-4Year-5Total

Pre-Medical (4 Trimesters)

Basic Science (5 Trimesters)Clinical Rotation (5 Trimesters) 
Tuition Fee18,36,00021,90,00014,62,00013,85,00013,85,00082,58,000
Living Cost incl. Food1,45,0001,45,0001,45,0002,00,0002,00,0008,35,000
Scholarship with PCB 60%11,01,60013,14,0008,77,2000032,92,800
Through Scholarship Test85,00025,00025,000001,35,000
Fees After Scholarship/ Year6,49,4008,51,0005,59,80013,85,00013,85,00048,30,200
  • The amount needs to be paid in 8 installments.
  • Indian food is available at St. Lucia in the first 3 years of studies.
  • 2 years of Green book Clinical rotation is in USA followed by a residency of 4 years in USA.
  • Calculated at 1 US$ = INR 65.00. The exchange rates would have an impact on this costing.
  • Calculated with 3 Trimesters in USA and 2 outside during Clinical rotation. In case of all 5 in USA, extra cost would be US$ 6000.
  • For AC Rooms, you may add Rs. 2750 / month extra electricity charges.
Living Cost1,50,0001,50,0001,50,0001,50,0006,00,000
Air Travel/ Visa1,00,0001,00,0001,00,0001,00,0004,00,000
Others*1,00,0001,00,000 1,00,0001,00,0004,00,000
Total Expenses7,00,0007,00,0007,00,0007,00,00028,00,000
NET SAVINGS23,00,00023,00,00023,00,00023,00,00092,00,000

Basically, you would save during PG much more than what you spent during Bachelor course in USA!


THE ROAD MAP – Apart from trying to pursue MD / MBBS in USA through Spartan Health Science University, St Lucia, the Indian students try to achieve through other road map. These other ways are as follows.

How to do MBBS in USA

In order to get the direct admission in MBBS in USA, the student should have studied the Pre-Medical course leading to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program before attempting to study further in medical colleges in USA. The medical education system is well defined by USMLE (Unites States Medical Licensing Examination).

Admission to MBBS in USA

The cost of top medical universities in USA, mainly in private medical colleges, is extremely high just like in India. Hence, MBBS colleges in USA for Indian students built in Caribbean Islands have become a popular route by now. The USA medical college fee comes down drastically once they follow this route to initiate the route for medical colleges in USA. The universities in Caribbean Islands provide education only for the first 3.5 years – 4 Trimesters (leading to B.S. Degree till USMLE-1 Exam) and balance 6 years would be in the mainland of USA. You may apply for admission to MBBS in USA with Scholarships since it is available for Indian students at Spartan Health & Science University.

The System to Complete MBBS in USA

The National Board of Medical examinations is responsible to conduct various examinations and allow you to become a licensed medical practitioner in USA.

They have divided the process into 3 steps to complete this process.

Eligibility to appear for USMLE:

  • A medical student officially enrolled in, or a graduate of a US or Canadian medical school program leading to the MD degree that is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).
  • A medical student officially enrolled in, or a graduate of a medical school outside the United States and Canada and eligible for examination by the ECFMG – Indian MBBS students after completion their 2nd year.
  • A medical student officially enrolled in, or a graduate of a US medical school leading to the DO degree that is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).


On completion of this B.S. degree (conducted for 4 Trimesters – 16 months), the students have to go through 4 years of Bachelor level program leading to M.D. degree. On completion of the first 2 years of this course (Basic Science stage), the students from various top medical schools in USA need to give another competitive exam namely USMLE-1. The student quality filtration begins at this stage.
The next 2 years spent in the hospitals and is also called Clinical Rotation (Also named as Externship / Clerkship) to get the Bachelor degree. This MD degree, is equivalent to MBBS in USA and is not equivalent to PG in India (Do not get confused with the nomenclature). MD Degree is also not sufficient for you to practice as a medical practitioner in USA! The student would give USMLE-2 (CK & CS) at this stage. The system is same even if you are studying in top medical university in USA.

STEP 2 (Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS)

On completion of the first 4 years program & USMLE-2, the students have to pursue PG level program (Also called as Residency). The first part of USMLE Step 2 CK is a computer based exam. The student can appear from across the world. The last part Step 2 CS needs to be given from USA since it is a practical exam. Generally all the students from the top medical universities in USA pass this exam without much problem since it is not a competitive exam. Step 2 is just a qualifying exam.


The doctor of Medicine would need to work in a hospital for 3 to 6 years (On average it is 4 years except for surgical – MS degree). The number of years depends on the specialization chosen. Finally the students give licensing exam namely STEP – 3 (Licensure exam) to become eligible to work as a doctor or a medical practitioner in USA. This completes the program of MBBS degree in USA along with the PG level program. On completion of this the Indian students can work in India as well as in USA.
Accordingly, the total MBBS course duration in USA is around 9 years assuming that you cleared all your exams in first attempt? The exams are conducted by NBME (National Board for Medical Examinations). This board is around 101 years old and has been responsible to filter the capable students to reach the highest standards of MBBS in USA.

Scholarship in USA for Indian Students 2017

One of the universities (SPARTAN HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY) is offering a limited scholarship for Indian students after 12th to pursue MBBS in USA. The students tend to save around Rs. 12.50 Lacs if they apply within time frame and are eligible for the same. The eligibility for scholarships for MBBS students is based on Merit and need. The application can be done to the university through our website. However, before you apply for the scholarship to study MBBS in USA, you need to ensure that the balance money is available with you or you are eligible for an education loan.
The students can apply for the admission cum scholarship to study medicine in USA. The university would issue a Conditional Scholarship Letter along with allocating a medical seat for the student for Sept batch. The condition would be 12th % in PCB and the students would be allocated the Scholarship to study MBBS in USA.

Basic Rule to Practice in USA

In order to practice in USA, you have to complete your board certified residency (Equivalent to PG in India) and just Bachelor level MBBS is not sufficient. Accordingly, if you just complete bachelor level, you would have to give the MCI screening test in India, even if you are from any of the top medical colleges in USA. Accordingly, you are suggested to start your journey at USMLE approved top medical university of Caribbean Islands – Spartan Health & Science University. However, no one returns back at Bachelor level since the reason to go to USA is PG.


The number of students appearing for USMLE-1 in 2015 is around 65,000 compared to the available residency seats of 35,000. The chances of getting through the residency are more than 50%. The passing rate at Spartan Health Science university at St Lucia is around 90%!
Just compare this with the number of doctors passing every year in India. Around 35,000 MBBS doctors pass every year. There are only 3,000 PG Medical seats across the country in government colleges. The chances of getting through PG medical seat in India are lesser than 3.5%.