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Sai Ram Education Consultancy, or SREC, is a top notch educational consultancy in India that prides itself on providing the right stepping stones to students who want to make a career by enrolling in a college and course of their choice. Career Counseling in on the rise and it is understandable if students feel a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of options before them. 

SREC has been conducting successful career counseling sessions and under the expert guidance and leadership of CEO Sandeep Harsulkar, we have plans to take our firm to a much higher level of excellence. Students, who are passionate about pursuing a medical degree and want to study medicine from a well reputed institution abroad, can come to us with their queries and we will be able to help them finalize an institute that is most conducive to their learning experience and their growth as a medical expert. 

We can go so far as to say that we are reshaping the medical world with our plethora of knowledge and insight in this field. Over the years, we have acquired counselors for graduate, law, MBA or Engineering College admissions as well.

Established in 1994, SREC started out with a vision that aspiring students would no longer have to deal with incomplete knowledge and incorrect admission procedures while applying to colleges abroad. Getting access to such information was all the more difficult way back in the nineties and many students and their parents have had to undergo unnecessary stress while completing the admission procedures. Thanks to the internet today, the problem might have been solved to a degree and yet when it comes to screening through all the major medical colleges and universities worldwide, the task can still prove to be quite a challenge. 

This is where SREC comes in with its expertise- right from the admission procedure to chalking out a travel plan, applying for students loans to verification for a visa, everything can be handled by SREC, making the process free from glitches and without having to spend time or money unnecessarily. Students approaching us get individual attention and although based out if Mumbai, we have counselors from both India and abroad helping us out.

SREC has first hand admissions committee experience at top colleges in the world, giving them a thorough understanding of the various criteria for admissions across various universities, strewn across continents. Students are often under the misconception that once they fail to get in a college of their choice, they have lost their chances of admission forever, not realizing that there are even better options elsewhere about which they were completely ignorant. Even meritorious students fail to make an impression with the committee at times, not because of their lack of knowledge in their subject, but purely due to their failure of answering other circumstantial questions which vary from region to region. SREC can give the students a clear idea about what to expect and with the cut- throat competition out there and limited seats on offer, students need all the help they can get to make an impression.

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