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Astrakhan State Medical University was established in 1918 and is one of the most seasoned medicinal instructive organizations in Russia. In November 2008 it praised its 90th commemoration. Amid its long presence in excess of 30000 thousand specialists have moved on from the University; they work in all pieces of the world for the welfare of the general population. Since the day of its establishment the University utilizes the European arrangement of medicinal training that consolidates solid hypothetical establishing in various circles of information with reasonable courses held in the best restorative foundations of Astrakhan. At the present minute Astrakhan State Medical University comprises of 11 resources, at 70 seats of which around 4000 understudies, clinical residency and post-graduate understudies think about. The preparation of exceedingly gifted pros is satisfied by experienced teachers and researchers. Among them there are around 100 specialists of sciences, teachers, docents and hopefuls of sciences. The participation of educators is shaped of regarded researchers of Russia, respected researchers of the Higher School of Russia, prominent researchers of wellbeing insurance, respected specialists of Russia, laureates of the Russian government prize in the circle of science and designing, regarded researchers of wellbeing securities and game of Russia


The University academic staff consists of honored scientists and academicians of the Russian Federation, honored workers of public health and sport, honored doctors and recipients of the Russian Government Award in Science and Technology.

The University professors are annually awarded gold and silver medals for advanced Research and Development in the Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments.

The University is a ground for an active theoretical and clinical research and resolution of key public health issues. The research and recommendations of the ASMU Technology and Innovation Council are widely implemented by various medical institutions.

Study and practice

A key principle of the training provided at the university is to combine theory with practice. From the first month itself, students are fully immersed in the profession. Teaching is available in English and French mediums of instruction. Those who intend to study in Russian may take a Foundation course, which includes Russian language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Information technology, in order to be admitted to the 1st year of the speciality of their choice.

The students applying to the program in English or French are admitted to the 1st year of studies (completion of the Foundation course is not required).

Lectures are conducted by Russian and foreign professors at a high academic level. The University has well-equipped classrooms and laboratories and employs modern multimedia as well as training models for practice purposes. Students from all over the world want to study medicine abroad and choose the best education in Russia when applying to ASMU.

MBBS Fees in Astrakhan State Medical University 2019-20

 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
 Tuition Fee$4500$3500$3500$3500$3500$3500


The curriculum implies full immersion into clinical practice. Theoretical classes are reinforced by practical experience and regular work in the medical institutions cooperating with the University. For example, the university chairs in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery are associated with the “Federal centre of cardiovascular surgery”.

The centre is one of the best in Europe and is equipped with modern diagnostic tools and surgery suites. At the present moment, the centre employs the best cardiologists in all of Russia.

Studying in the frameworks of the centre, you may have the opportunity to acquire a great deal of experience pertaining to medical and related work with adults and children, and also be acquainted with up-to-date practices of open heart surgery and other modern methods. After completing the course, you may continue your education taking the clinical residency or PhD course. You may also apply for Traineeship or career enhancement (further training) at the University and the Centre

Other possibilities in education 

Students have a possibility not only to study medicine abroad but to receive a traineeship, participate in exchange programs, and apply for research funding. Students are able to enhance their professional capacity by participating in various projects. It may be prospective and exciting research work, in-depth study of medical innovations, association with experts of the chosen branch, and publishing of papers.

Conferences on the fundamentals of medicine and current medical practice are held regularly at the University. Students acquire knowledge and experience from leading specialists and may also have the opportunity to give their own presentations.

Comfortable living conditions

The University offers very comfortably living conditions. Students are accommodated in a modern building with convenient rooms and public areas. The infrastructure is such, that students feel at home.

Fee Structure

  • Fees
  • $29560
  • Duration
  • 6 Year

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